Mandala shorts with Marabu Dot Pen

Stylish and comfy – with the Dot Pen the favorite mandala motif lands very quickly on the summer shorts. Perfect for the summer look!

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cotton shorts (max. 20% synthetic fiber content)
Tips and Tricks

  • Painted textiles always wash inside out with mild detergent. Max. 30° C delicate wash. Do not tumble dry or iron.

How it is done:

  • Before shaping, wash the shorts without fabric softener to remove any finish residue. Then allow to dry and iron if necessary. Prepare the work area and slide a piece of cardboard into the pant leg to be painted.
  • Then try out the Dot Pen colors and the desired motif on a sheet of paper first.
  • Then apply the mandala motif in individual dots on the trouser leg. To do this, start in the middle and apply the elements one after the other in different colors and different dot thicknesses. The size of the dots can be varied by the amount applied.
  • Once the pattern is designed, the pants must dry lying for 12-24 hours. After 72 hours of drying time, the paint is resistant to washing.

Mandala shorts with Marabu Dot Pen

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