Marble coasters with Marabu Easy Marble

A few drops of Easy Marble paint are dripped onto the water and carefully mixed using a wooden stick. The white tiles are then dipped into the colour film, creating this unique, marble pattern.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

Work surface
Wooden sticks

How it is done:

  • Make sure you wear gloves to make these coasters!
  • First, fill a bowl with enough cold water so that the tiles can be easily dipped inside. Shake the paint well. Drip a few drops of paint directly from the jar into the water. The more paint is used, the more striking the marble effect will be.
  • The next step requires speed: gently swirl a wooden stick around in the paint to create the marble design. Insert the top of the tile briefly into the water and quickly pull it out vertically. Leave it over the bowl so that the excess paint can drip off. Put the tile to one side to dry.
  • Before creating your next design, use a small piece of newspaper to remove the paint residue from the surface of the water.

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