Maritime table decorations with Marabu Chalky-Chic

Inject a little maritime flair into your home with these great table decoration ideas! The blue and grey chalk paints add fabulous freshness and lightness.

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How it is done:

  • Clean the shells and the bamboo sets first and let them dry well. The surfaces to be painted must be clean and dust-free. Then paint the shells with the desired Chalky-Chic colours and the bamboo table sets with Chalky-Chic in light blue. Allow to dry well.
  • For the tablecloth weights, saw out fish from wood or use commercially available large wooden fish. Sand the edges and surfaces of the fish with some sandpaper to make the surface smooth. Remove wood dust thoroughly before painting. Then paint the fish with Chalky-Chic and the soft Decoration & Hobby brush in light blue and stone grey. After drying with the dry Robust brush take up some Chalky-Chic in slate, brush it off well until there is almost no paint left on the bristles. Now brush lightly over the fish and let everything dry well again. Finally, attach a small screw hook to the fish's mouth and tie, knot or pin the fish to the corners of the tablecloth with jute yarn.
  • First paint the pots, like the fish, with Chalky-Chic and then use the dry Robust brush and Chalky-Chic in slate to add accents. Then cut out a star from the napkin. Next remove the top layer of the napkin and place it on the pot in the desired position. Spread the star with the help of the Decoupage & Serviette Varnish & Glue and a brush. Work from the inside to the outside. Let it dry afterwards.
  • Remove labels from the cans and clean the cans thoroughly. Fix the templates "Fish" and "Star" each with Marabu Fixogum on the cans. Put a wooden stake into the cans and knock holes along the outline of the fish and star into the can using a hammer and nail. First paint the cans with Chalky-Chic and then accentuate the colours with the dry Robust brush and Chalky-Chic in slate (see description tablecloth weight fish). Wrap the upper edge of the tins with jute yarn and knot it. Use sturdy wire for suspension and bend as required.

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