Easter eggs with effects – Marabu Easy Marble and Colorado Gold

Magical shimmering and pouring effects create that wow factor. The marbled pattern creates a lovely contrast to the shine of the Colorado Gold paints, whether it is used to decorate the breakfast table or for a wreath.

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  • You can also achieve great effects when you paint the egg with COLORADO GOLD first and then marble it using EASY MARBLE.

How it is done:

  • Important: Please wear gloves! Next, fill a sufficiently large plastic container with enough water that you will be able to submerge the eggs in it later on. Shake the paints well and consecutively drip a couple of drops of both colours into the water directly from the glass.
  • The marble paint remains on the surface of the water. Use a skewer to carefully mix both colours together to form a Marble effect.

  • Now you need to work quickly. Place an egg on another skewer, submerge it in the water and turn it so that it is coated with the paint. When you remove the egg from the water, no additional paint from the surface of the water should be transferred onto the egg. You can move the paint to the edges of the container by blowing on the surface in order to create a paint-free gap in the water. When the paint has dried, you can add designs to parts of the egg using metallic paint. Before marbling the next item, use a small piece of newspaper to remove the paint residue from the surface of the water.

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