Little window witch, pumpkin & co. with Marabu Window Color

Spending creative time together is especially fun. Maybe mum or dad can help with the outlines. Colouring in is then very easy. For example, with Marabu KiDS Window Color. The little witch and her friends will be on your nursery window in no time.

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  • If the painting tip becomes clogged, e.g. by dried paint residue, and this disturbs the flow of Window Color, twist off the tip and remove the clog with a pointed object (e.g. needle). Do not press - the tip could otherwise burst out, causing unnecessary soiling.

How it is done:

  • Place the motif template under the adhesive foil and trace the contours with Window Color contour paint directly from the painting bottle. Allow to dry for about one to two hours.
  • Now the surfaces can be painted with the desired Window Colour shades. Apply the colour directly from the paint bottle until it reaches the contour lines. Allow everything to dry for approx. 24 hours.
  • Fine details of Window Color motifs can be painted on with a black Marabu Permanent Marker, for example. Simply paint the fine details onto the dried Window Color surface according to the template.
  • Finally, cut out the Window Colour picture with the adhesive film and attach it to the desired place by pressing lightly. The adhesive film gives the motif stability. Then it is even easier to apply to all smooth surfaces and to remove again. As often as you like!

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