Create a mid-century style lampshade with Marabu Textil

Add that wow factor to your home! This lampshade featuring a mid-century design with clean lines and geometric shapes adds that something extra to your home. The design is easy to create using Marabu Textil and really gives a room that wow factor.

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  • As the lampshade will not be washed, there is no need to set the paint.

How it is done:

  • Firstly, divide the lampshade up into two sections of equal sizes using the masking tape. Use the ruler to mark the centre of the shade in a few places and then connect these dots using the adhesive tape. Then draw over the edge of the adhesive tape with a pencil.
  • Now remove the masking tape and sketch out the mid-century design using the pencil. Use the ruler and the round masking tape roll as templates. A glass or another round object can also be used as a template for the circles.
  • After you’ve done that, you just need to paint the individual sections using Marabu Textil. Ensure that you do not use more than 4 different colours in total. The colours you use should also come from similar colour families to create an aesthetically-pleasing result.

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