Mini greenhouse with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

Plants and cuttings are guaranteed to thrive in this mini greenhouse for the windowsill! Made from old picture frames, this is also a great upcycling project with our GREEN alkyd paint.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

3 large picture frames
2 small picture frames
1 rectangular wooden plate for the floor
1 rectangular wooden plate for the lid
2 square wooden plates for the lid
2 hinges and matching screws
angles, screws
mounting adhesive
Tips and Tricks

  • If necessary, all edges can be sealed with silicone if they do not meet perfectly and have gaps.

How it is done:

  • Prepare all components of the greenhouse. First remove the glass panes and back panels from the wooden picture frames and sand the frames.
    Next, saw a rectangular wooden panel for the bottom, a rectangular wooden panel for the back of the lid and the two side panels of the lid.
  • Clean all components before painting. They should be clean and dust-free. Then prime all parts with GREEN alkyd paint in pastel purple. Allow the paint to dry well.
  • With the colours mistletoe, medium yellow, orange and violet, various decorative patterns can then be painted on the components. Allow these layers of paint to dry well.
  • Insert the glass panes back into the picture frames and glue them in place with assembly glue if necessary. Then connect four picture frames to form a box with the help of brackets. Now glue the base plate to the bottom of this construction with assembly glue or screw it on with angles. The basic framework is now in place.
  • For the lid, screw or glue the two sawn triangles to the rectangular back. Attach the last picture frame to the top of the back with hinges. When closing, it should rest on the triangular side parts. Finally, glue the lid construction to the basic frame with assembly glue and allow the glue to set well.

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