The wall painting with the glorious dragon fruit is created with the artist’s acrylic paint Artist Acryl combined with the Marabu Aqua Ink. You will become an artist yourself following these instructions and realising your own unique work of art.

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How it is done:

  • Stick the sheet of paper to your workspace using masking tape on all four sides. First of all, prime the top part of the picture with the acrylic paint. Now take the template as well as the acrylic spray and spray the primed area of the sheet, creating a honeycomb pattern.
  • Now sketch out the fruit in the bottom third of the picture with pencil. Dark areas between the objects can be shaded with pencil.
  • Fill in the fruit with watercolour ink. You can be a little untidy in your work here and make sure that a few white spaces remain. Finally, create some shading with darker watercolour ink. Then use Glossy Medium to finish the picture.

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