Cute Easter bunny eggs with Marabu Deco Painter

What an adorable little group of bunnies! Use Marabu Deco Painter to transform eggs into little bunnies in an instant and delight people of all ages.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

Blown eggs
white paper
coloured cardboard
leather cord
adhesive film
glue stick

How it is done:

  • Start by blowing out and washing the eggs. These must be clean and dry.
  • Cut the rabbit ears out of the white paper and use the glue stick to attach them to a piece of leather cord.
  • Tie the leather cord around the egg and knot it at the back. Additionally secure the cord with two thin strips of adhesive tape.
  • Use a soft pencil to sketch on the bunny’s face.
  • Shake the Deco Painters well with the cap on before use. Pump by slowly pressing down the tip several times until the ink appears, then briefly test on a sheet of paper before using on the egg. Next, trace the face with the Deco Painters and decorate the body in a solid colour or with a dot pattern.
  • To allow the Easter bunny eggs to stand up, the final step is to create a base by cutting out a small strip of coloured cardboard, rolling it into a cylinder and securing it with a little adhesive film.

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