Nutcracker for Christmas with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

Empty chip tins and paper rolls can still be transformed into festive and original nutcracker decorations for Christmas! Discreetly and chicly painted with our Marabu GREEN Alkyd paint, they are perfect as table decorations on the Christmas table. Or filled with treats and painted with bright colors, they are a welcome little gift for the holidays.

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How it is done:

  • Cover the work area and prepare the work materials. Clean the chip boxes if necessary. They should be clean and dry. Then prime the chip boxes and the small paper rolls in two coats with GREEN alkyd paint in cream white. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  • Gradually mask off the can of chips with masking tape and paint in strips with the GREEN alkyd paint in any combination of colors. In the upper third of the can there is a strip for the headgear and the face, which can be painted in a skin color.
  • Paint the middle third in a different color to the bottom third to represent the nutcracker's clothes.
  • Once dry, dab and paint details onto the nutcracker body with the GREEN alkyd paint in metallic gold. It is best to use a thin brush and the tip of a wooden skewer for this.
  • Also use the GREEN alkyd paint to design the small paper rolls as the arms of the nutcracker. It is best to draw the pattern in advance with a pencil and design as desired.
  • Then glue the small paper rolls (the arms) to the sides of the nutcracker body with GREEN multi-purpose glue and leave to dry.
  • Next, cut out a paper rectangle and cut into strips from the bottom to 1 cm before the top edge. Bend the strips slightly forwards. Glue this "beard" to the face of the nutcracker. Cut out two circles approx. 1 cm in diameter from paper and draw a black dot as pupils. Glue the two circles onto the face as eyes.
  • Finally, paint on a nose and eyebrows.

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