Neon splatter eggs with Marabu New York Neon

Think neon went out in 80s? Not with our cool neon eggs in the splatter look! A beautifully creative clutch for your Easter table.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

White, blown-out eggs or plastic eggs
Plastic film or newspaper
Wooden skewer
Styroporplatte Polystyrene sheet
Hard toothbrush

How it is done:

  • Carefully cover the work area with newspaper or plastic film. Put on gloves and an apron. Blow out the eggs and insert a wooden skewer into the hole. Stick the first egg into the polystyrene sheet.
  • Apply some paint to a brush and, with a swift movement, flick it towards the egg. Uneven streaks and splashes will appear on the egg shell.
  • To create different effects, vary the distance from the egg and the amount of paint. You can naturally splatter on various colours one after the other or paint the entire egg first.
  • A hard toothbrush and a little paint can be used to add additional speckles to the egg. To this end, simply apply a little paint to the toothbrush and stroke the bristles with your finger.
  • Leave the egg to dry completely.

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