Outdoor carpet with Marabu Textil Soft Linol Print and Fashion Spray

Outdoor carpets give every patio and balcony a very special flair. Self-made using an existing or an inexpensive new cotton carpet, you can also realise your own design here. Let’s spray and print!

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  • You can mix any combination of Textil Print paints. For example, simply lighten the Textil Print Primary Cyan paint with white Marabu Textil Print paint.

How it is done:

  • Firstly, use masking tape to mask off the areas that you wish to decorate with Marabu Fashion Spray. Apply the tape firmly so that no paint can seep under the tape at a later stage.
  • Generously cover the work surface and, if necessary, wear disposable gloves and old clothing.
  • Now use paper to carefully cover the areas of the carpet that are not to be painted.
    Shake the Marabu Fashion-Spray well before use and spray 2-3 times onto a neutral background (e.g. paper). Then spray the Fashion-Spray onto the carpet. Wipe the spray nozzles after use and let the paint dry.
  • While the Fashion Spray paint dries, you can prepare the geometric stamps for the next step. To do this, use a pencil to sketch geometric shapes, such as semicircles or triangles, onto the linoleum plates and cut them out with the linoleum cutting tool so that the motif areas are raised.
  • Now put some Textil Print paint in a flat plastic container. Next apply the Textil Print paint to the foam roller and roll this onto the linoleum plate. Then print the motif on the carpet in the desired location. Now let the paint dry thoroughly.
  • Finally, you can use an iron to fix in the colour if required. Iron all areas on the carpet with Fashion-Spray and Textil Print applied to them through a thin cloth at a cotton setting. Iron each area (30 x 30 cm) for 3 minutes. This ensures that the applied colour can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature up to 40° and is also protected from a brief rain shower.

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