Pastel Living – Side table marbled with Marabu easy marble

Soon it will be time to do some spring cleaning again and let fresh colours and patterns into our four walls. This can be done surprisingly quickly and easily with the pastel shades of our marbling paint easy marble. Drop, dip, done!

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

white side table
laundry tub
foil, paper
disposable gloves
cocktail sticks


  • More paint and a cooler water temperature extend the drying time of the paint film on the surface of the water.

How it is done:

  • First unscrew and clean the tabletop. It must be free of dust, grease and dry. Then cover the work area well and prepare the materials.
  • The white pigments in the easy marble pastel shades settle heavily on the bottom. Therefore, shake the colours well or remove the drip cap and stir the colours briefly. Keep the jars open.
  • Fill the dipping vessel with cold water. Drop the marbling colours one by one directly from the dropping glass onto the surface of the water. A film of colour is formed.
  • Immediately draw a marbling pattern into the paint layer with a wooden skewer.
  • Immerse the tabletop halfway in the tub so that the marble pattern wraps around the tabletop.
  • Blow paint residues on the water surface towards the edge, keeping the plate still. Then quickly pull out the plate and let it dry. Then reassemble the table and place it in the room.

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