Neon plant baskets with Marabu New York Neon paint

At home in the jungle. The colour and the material are on-trend Combine natural materials, such as sea grass or macramé, with bright neon shades and make an amazing impact. You can show off both cacti and larger house plants to best effect in these stylish baskets.

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Sea grass baskets
Masking tape


  • The neon colours really pop and even glow under UV black light.

How it is done:

  • Using the masking tape, firstly section off the area of the basket that is to be painted. Ensure that, after sticking down the masking tape, you run along the tape firmly with your finger so that no paint can run underneath the tape later on.
  • In order to show off the colour as much as possible, the base should be as light as possible. Therefore, you should use white acrylic paint to apply a base coat to the basket.
  • As soon as the white paint has dried you can apply the neon paint over the primer. Remove the masking tape and leave the paint to dry. Displayed in combination with a hanging basket in macramé effect, these baskets are perfect for arranging plants. In order to do so, arrange your plants in the baskets using watertight planters.

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