PHOTO TRANSFER – Individual enamel mugs

An enamel cup turns into a highly personal utensil holder for your desk. Or into a brilliant photo gift. Simply print your favourite picture on the laser printer and transfer it according to the instructions.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

Enamel mug
Laser printer
Paper (DIN A4)
Paper towel


How it is done:

  • Print the photo you want to transfer to the enamel mug on normal paper with a laser printer. Cut it out using scissors and apply plenty of the photo transfer medium to the printed area of the printout as well as to the respective area on the mug. Stick the photo with the image side onto the enamel mug and smooth it out. Remove any excess medium immediately with a paper towel and make sure that none of it gets onto the reverse side.
  • After a minimum drying period of 2 hours, moisten the photo with a sponge. Remove the individual paper layers slowly and carefully. It is recommended to let the photo dry after each paper layer is removed – this way, you can easily see any paper residue. Repeat this process several times until the photo can be clearly seen.
  • Once dry, seal the photo with matt varnish.

Marabu Photo Transfer

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