Plants are friends! Create a plant stand with Marabu Colorado Gold

A simple plant pot can be made into a great feature in any room! This plant stand in various metallic colours is not only wonderfully shiny but is also extraordinarily attention-grabbing! As the opaque paints are waterproof, the painted plant stand is ideal for use outside.

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  • The Colorado Gold Metallic Paint comes in 27 waterproof colours.

How it is done:

  • The first step is to stick the pots together to form a plant stand using the craft adhesive. When doing so, ensure that you use the adhesive correctly so that the plant stands are stable.
  • Add a base coat to certain areas of the plant stand using Decormatt in white. Let the paint dry thoroughly before continuing.
  • Use Colorado Gold to add more decoration to the plant stands. You can either use the paint to cover entire sections or, using a very fine brush, paint delicate botanical designs on the plant stand.

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