Pretty postcards handprinted with Marabu Aqua Linol

What is Lino printing? It  is a very easy technique to create many things, such as posters and textiles, or even this spring postcard. Herr Letter has carved stamps with flowers, leaves and a small butterfly. He printed these pretty spring cards with Marabu Aqua Linol paint. The cards are quick and easy to make.


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Tips and Tricks

  • The Aqua Linol paints can be mixed wonderfully with each other to create pastel colours, such as fresh green, pink and purple.

How it is done:

  • Draw or transfer motifs onto the lino plate with a pencil: print out the motif, hatch the reverse side and trace it onto the linoleum plate with a pencil. Tip: especially with fonts, make sure that the motif is mirror-inverted on the plate.
  • Carve away the surface around the motif with the special tool. Everything that is raised in the end will be printed. Finally, carve the details with the tool.
  • Mix the desired shade of ink on a mixing palette or plate. Apply the paint thinly to the stamp with a dabbing brush or paint roller.
  • Position the stamp motif on the card. Print it with a little pressure on the card.
  • Finally, the postcards can be decorated with small details such as splashes. Complete with a lettering.

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