Creepy lanterns with Marabu Deco Painter

However, if it’s too time-consuming to hollowing out a pumpkin, you should try these atmospheric lanterns. They are quickly made of transparent paper without cutting. A great lighting in the window or on the table.

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…additionaly things you need

tracing paper

How it is done:

  • Place the paper template of the desired design on the tracing paper, fix it lightly with adhesive tape to prevent it from slipping and trace the outlines with a thick pencil.
  • Shake the Painter well before use with the cap in place. Pump the tip by pressing several times until the ink shows.
  • Then start writing with the marker on some paper, not directly on the object to be painted. Now the transferred design can be traced with the Painter. Let it dry.
  • Put the tracing paper around a glas and stick it with tapes.

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