Checked lino print napkins with Marabu Textil Print Soft Linol

Small checks my ass! Deliciously fresh, the napkins in the new blue check look appear on the table and turn every snack into a celebration.

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cotton napkin
mixing vessel
Tips and Tricks

  • Always wash printed textiles inside out with mild detergent. Never place the iron directly on the printed surface, either iron from the left or cover with a cloth.

How it is done:

  • First wash the napkins without fabric softener before painting them to remove any finishes. Allow to dry and iron smooth.
  • Draw a check pattern on the linoleum plate with a pencil and a triangle.
  • Then cut out the motif with the linoleum carving tool so that the surfaces of the check pattern are raised.
  • In the next step, textile print in primary cyan is tinted with titanium white and lamp black in a separate vessel to achieve a soft blue-grey.
  • Now lay out the paper and place the napkin on it. Then pour the paint into a flat container and roll it onto the linoleum plate with the help of the paint roller. Now the napkin can be printed with the linoleum plate. Then carefully remove the plate again and apply paint again. In this way, a large check pattern is gradually printed on.
  • In order to add individual missing check elements at the end, the linoleum plate can be adjusted with scissors.
  • Once the colour is completely dry, it is fixed. Iron the napkin for 3 minutes without steam. Make sure to place a cloth between the napkin and the iron. Alternatively, the colour can also be fixed in the oven (8 minutes at 150°). Afterwards, the colour is washable up to 40°.

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