Tie-dye effects with Marabu Fashion-Spray

Tie-dye made easy! Normally, achieving tie-dye effects is a lot of work. With the Marabu Fashion-Spray, you do not need to create the dye solution and you simply spray on the effect.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

White tea towels made from cotton or linen
Rubber gloves
Cardboard box or underlay
Rubber bands or cord
Towel for iron protection


  • For very defined and precise patterns, iron the edges of the folds.

How it is done:

  • Before you start, you should wash the tea towels once, as well as dry them and iron them. This allows you to achieve the best result. How you fold the tea towels before dying them will determine what patterns are created. The folded towels are then held in place using rubber bands or cord. You can find tutorials on the various folding techniques for tie-dye effects on YouTube, for example
  • Next, either place the tea towels on a large underlay or in a cardboard box and then spray on the paint. The more paint you spray on, the more intense the colour shade will be later on. Then, remove the rubber bands or cord, spread out the fabric and leave to dry.
  • Next, place the towel in a pre-heated oven (8 min./150 °C) or iron on a cotton setting (3 min./30 x 30 cm) to fix the paint. Then, you can wash the tie-dye tea towels in the washing machine at a maximum of 40 °C.

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