Shimmering pillow with Fashion Shimmer

Do you need another individual one-off addition to decorate your lounge? Marabu Fashion Shimmer is just the right thing for you: transform every garment or home accessory into a sparkling one-off piece with this fabric spray paint. This beautiful shimmering effect works particularly well on dark fabrics.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

Fabric with up to 20 % synthetic fibre
Paper towel

How it is done:

  • First design the inner circle. Cut a circle out of cardboard with the diameter you need. Do not throw away the cut-out circle as you will need it again later. Apply the positive stencil to the cushion cover and use Silver Shimmer and Copper Shimmer to spray free hand over it to create a beautifully graduated colour. Allow the paint to dry or dry with a hair-dryer. Now add a ring around the circle. Cut out a ring with a larger diameter from the positive stencil. To spray the ring, apply the positive stencil to the fabric and place the smaller circle in the middle. Spray the ring in Gold Shimmer paint. Remove all cardboard stencils and allow the cushion cover to dry for approx. 2 hours or dry with a hair-dryer.
  • To fix:
    either iron the front of the kaftan through a thin cloth or a sheet of baking paper for 3 minutes on a non-steam cotton setting or fix in a pre-heated oven for 8 minutes at 150 °C. Check the heat resistance of the fabric first. The fabric can then be washed at up to 40 °C. Wash and iron inside out.
  • Remove the Fashion Shimmer spray nozzle after spraying and clean with water to make sure that no spray paint can clog up the spray nozzle.


  • Before spraying, wash the fabric (maximum 20 % synthetic fibre content) without fabric conditioner to remove any finishes. Leave to dry and, if possible, iron flat.
  • Completely cover the worktop with plastic film and protect your clothes.

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