Simply flowers cups with Marabu Porcelain & Glas Painter

After the cold season, we all long for fresh flowers and blossoms. Why not also on cups? Self-designed with black Porcelain & Glas Painters, the cups form a beautiful contrast to the colorfully decorated table.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

porcelain mug
sponge, cloth
abrasive milk
Tips and Tricks

  • The very viscous and highly pigmented ink takes a bit more time to become visible in the tip, so pump it with a bit more patience. Otherwise, the ink shoots out of the side of the barrel because the pen was overpumped. In such a case, wipe the pen or even clean it with water: remove the tip and rinse it, then dry it off and put it back in the barrel and carefully continue the pumping process.

How it is done:

  • First, pre-clean the cups with scouring milk and sponge before painting. Then rinse about 2-3 times in the dishwasher so that the finish is completely removed. Finally, clean thoroughly with Marabu cleaner so that they are free of dust and grease.
  • Shake the Painter vigorously beforehand with the cap closed. Pump by slowly pressing the tip several times until the ink becomes visible. Write on the pens on a paper first.
  • Then the cups can be painted at will with simple flowers and floral motifs.
  • After painting (at least 4 hours drying time), place the cups in the non-preheated oven and bake the paint at 160° C for 30 min. Leave the porcelain to cool with the oven door open. Afterwards, the painting is dishwasher safe at max. 50° C.

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