Small cress garden with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

In this little garden made of all kinds of material that might otherwise have ended up in the rubbish, delicious and healthy cress sprouts in no time! Whether on bread, in a salad or as a topping for many dishes – from now on you will never run out of cress.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Adjust the size of the wooden board to the size of the tetrapack.
  • Popsicle sticks are perfect as wooden sticks.

How it is done:

  • Cut the wooden sticks in half in the middle with a small saw or side cutter, sand the cut edge if necessary. Then glue the sticks around the 21 x 8 cm wooden board with GREEN multi-purpose glue and let them dry well.
  • Prime the wooden sticks with GREEN alkyd paint in cream white. When dry, paint the lower half in curved lines with the GREEN Alkyd paint in apricot. When this second coat is dry, paint the lower third in curved lines with GREEN alkyd paint in orange.
  • Glue the two long wooden sticks for the pennant chain to the narrow sides of the cress garden (inside, in the middle). Cut out 6 small diamonds from the GREEN paper. Paint two pennants each in cream white, apricot and orange and leave to dry. Then fold the diamonds in the middle and glue them to the string as pennants at a distance of 1 cm. Tie the ends of the string to the top of the wooden sticks.
  • Now cut the tetrapack in half lengthwise with scissors to make a bowl. Wash out the inside of the tetrapack and dry it. Optionally, peel off the top, printed layer of the beverage carton. Place the prepared tetrapack in the garden, sow the cress on kitchen paper, water a little twice a day and soon the cress will sprout!

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