Small vase and tea light holder with Marabu Pearl Pen

Sometimes it only takes a few little things to make us feel good. A cup of tea, a little candlelight, a pretty bouquet – it often does not need much more. The small beads on the tea light holder and the mini-vase are the icing on the cake to coziness and make the duo timeless home accessories.

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stoneware vase and tea light holder
Tips and Tricks

  • The Marabu Pearl Pen is a shimmering pearl paint for many surfaces, such as paper, wood, leather, glass, porcelain and even textiles (up to 20% synthetic fiber content). After a drying time of 72 hours, it is washable at 30°C delicates (turned inside out in a laundry bag).

How it is done:

  • Clean and dry the vase and tealight holder before painting. They should be clean and dry so that the paint can adhere best. Cover the work area and prepare the materials.
  • Test the color on a separate paper. Then place small beads directly on the tea light holder. It is best to place the pen directly on the tea light holder from above, so that the color flow can be controlled better.
  • For large beads, allow short drying times before turning the tealight holder and placing new beads. Otherwise, the beads could "tip" during the design and get out of shape.
  • After the tealight holder, create the small vase with the Pearl Pen.
  • Finally, let the vase and tealight holder dry well.

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