FUN PRINTS – pencil case with Marabu Textil

Make tidying fun! Keep your favourite objects in this little pencil case that is very easy to make. The geometrical motifs can be quickly printed with Marabu Textil and foam rubber stamps in your favourite colours.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

Foam rubber
“Stamp knobs” (e.g. cubes made of acrylic glass, corks etc.)
Small pencil case


  • Textiles should always be washed before painting them, to remove any finishes and conditioners

How it is done:

  • To make the stamps, cut out geometrical shapes from foam rubber. Use all-purpose adhesive to stick these onto suitable “stamp knobs”. Acrylic glass cubes are ideal, as you can see where the stamp goes. Allow to dry completely.
  • Cover the foam rubber stamps with the fabric paint and first press them onto scrap paper before stamping a pattern onto the fabric.
  • Let the paint dry thoroughly. In the last step, fix the fabric paint by placing a cloth onto the stamped fabric and ironing it at cotton setting. Done – you can now fill it with pens, sewing things or bits and pieces as you like!

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