Stick candles with polka dots and Marabu Candle Pen

Points, points, points! The candles with fine dots are fix homemade and perfect as a little something or even as “icing on the cake” on a gift for loved ones. In any case, a gift from the heart for any occasion.

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stick candles in white
kraft paper
glue stick
gift ribbon
Tips and Tricks

  • The Marabu Candle Pen can also be used to transfer designs onto candles. It works like Window Color: Place the desired motif under a foil and paint it with the Candle Pen. It is best to start with the contours, let them dry briefly and then color them in. After about 6 hours drying time, the motif can be removed from the foil and glued to the candle with Candle Pen glue.

How it is done:

  • Cover the work area and prepare the materials. Clean and dry the candles before painting. They should be clean and dry so that the paint can adhere best.
  • First test the Candle Pens on a separate paper. Then place dots evenly on the candles directly from the pen.
  • Then put the candles in a candlestick and let them dry. The drying time is about 6 hours.
  • Meanwhile, cut out and glue together from the kraft paper a simple gift box and a band for the candles.
  • If necessary, glue a decorative ribbon on the band or inscribe the band with congratulations.
  • Place the dried candles in the gift box and wrap the band around the box.
  • To secure, tie a gift ribbon around the band. Done!

DIY: How to design candles with Marabu Candle Pen

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