Stopper socks “ladybug” with Marabu Sock Stop

Little lucky charms like ladybugs provide grip for slippery children’s socks. No more slipping while romping and playing. After all that wild activity, you deserve a breather.

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…additionaly things you need

children's socks made of cotton (max. 20 % synthetic fibre content)
card board
kitchen cloth
Tips and Tricks

  • By applying several coats of Marabu Sock Stop paint, you can create a great 3D effect. First apply the desired motif and let it dry thoroughly. Then paint over the motif again with the same colour and allow to dry. If desired, this process can be repeated a second time.

How it is done:

  • Wash the socks without fabric softener before painting to remove any finishes. Allow to dry and iron smooth if necessary.
  • Cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of the foot or the size of the sole of the foot. Push the shape into the socks. This gives the area to be painted more support and the paint cannot press through to the other side.
  • Shake the bottle for at least 30 seconds. Then test paint the Sock Stop colour on a kitchen towel first.
  • Then paint the body of the ladybug with red on the socks. Apply the paint generously and several times if necessary. Allow the body to dry briefly while lying down.
  • Now apply the dots, the head and the feelers of the ladybird with black.
  • Let the socks dry lying down after designing. Preferably for 24 hours. Afterwards, the socks can be washed inside out up to 40° C.

Safe & colourful socks with Marabu Sock Stop paint

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