Structured art with Marabu Acryl Color and structured paste

Boring walls are a thing of the past! With Structured Art, modern stretcher frames with structure are created with the help of pastes, effect putties and acrylic paint – to match any interior.

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How it is done:

  • Prepare the work area and get the materials ready. Stir the texture paste well and then apply it to the stretcher using a painting knife and smooth it out.
  • Now the effect spatulas can be used to draw shapes such as waves or circles into the texture paste as desired.
    Tip: If the motif is not to your liking, the texture paste can easily be smoothed out again with the painting knife and worked on again with the spatula.
  • Allow the texture paste to dry lying down after designing. This may take several hours depending on the application.
  • When the texture paste has completely hardened, individual areas of the artwork can be designed as desired using Acryl Color.

Stretcher trio with the Marabu Artist Acrylic & the YONO Markers

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