Structured Art with Marabu Acrylic Paste

Easy to use – great effect! No home should be without pictures. They add cosiness and give the finishing touch. Textured pictures with a 3D effect are particularly popular and are easy to create with Marabu Acrylic Paste.

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How it is done:

  • Prepare the work area and lay out the materials. Apply the white acrylic paste to the card.
  • Smooth the white acrylic paste onto the card with a paint knife.
  • Next, apply a small amount of gold acrylic paste.
  • Spread the golden acrylic paste with the spatula.
  • Finally, use the effect spatulas to draw any shape, such as lines, waves or circles, into the texture paste.
  • Leave the texture paste to dry horizontally after moulding. This may take several hours depending on the application.

Structured Art with Marabu Acrylic Paste

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