SWIRL with Marabu acrylic paints and Marabu Pouring Fluid

Time for some all-round fun – gently pouring acrylic paint in circles with the SWIRL pouring technique creates dynamic colour gradients!

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  • Add silicone oil to the paint and Pouring Fluid mixture to create striking cells. We recommend practising a few times to find the optimum mixing ratio.

How it is done:

  • Carefully cover the work surface and your clothing. Shake the Pouring Fluid well before use. Get out the required materials, acrylic paint and Pouring Fluid. Insert push pins into the back of the canvas frame so that the paint can run off better.
  • Pour each acrylic paint into a separate cup and add several parts of Pouring Fluid. Use a palette knife or spatula to give the mixture a good stir until a homogeneous substance has been created. If necessary, add more Pouring Fluid or acrylic paint and mix again until the desired consistency has been achieved. The mixture of paint and Pouring Fluid should have a runny consistency so that it runs off the palette knife.
  • Priming the canvas frame makes the paint flow better. To do this, pour the content of a cup (in the desired colour) onto the canvas frame and lightly spread with a palette knife.
  • Pour the remaining paints into a mixing cup one after another.
  • Pour onto the background using small circular motions.
  • Tilt the canvas frame backwards and forwards until the desired result has been achieved. Then position the canvas horizontally so that the paint does not flow further and can dry. The pouring artwork may well take several days to dry. Clean all tools with water after use.

Unique pouring artworks with Marabu acrylic paints and Marabu Pouring Fluid!

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