Surfer style t-shirt with Marabu Textil Painter plus

Just spend a day relaxing by the sea and listening to the waves – that would be nice! However, if it’s not possible to go to the sea just like that, we simply give our favourite shirt a little wave motif with Textile Painter. It will remind us of our last holiday and the surfers on the beach.

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t-shirt made of cotton in light blue (max. 20% synthetic fibre content)

How it is done:

  • Wash, dry and iron the T-shirt without fabric softener before painting. Prepare working materials and cover the work surface.
  • First, transfer the template for the wave motif onto cardboard and cut it out. Push some paper into the T-shirt and trace the waves on the T-shirt with the help of the template and a soft pencil.
  • Shake the Textil Painter plus vigorously with the cap closed (mixing balls must be clearly audible). Then remove the cap and press the tip briefly a few times on a piece of paper until the ink becomes visible. Write the pen briefly on the paper and then you can paint the waves on the shirt. Then let the ink dry well.
  • To fix the colour, place the T-shirt in the oven on a piece of baking paper at 150°C for 8 minutes. After fixing, the colour is washable up to 40°C.

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