Design T-shirts with Marabu KiDS T-Shirt paint

Also looking for creative ideas for children’s birthday parties or the holiday season? How about designing your own T-shirt? This way, every child can let their imagination run wild and put their own favourite motif on a shirt.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

light-coloured T-shirt (max. 20 % synthetic fibre)
clothes pegs
Tips and Tricks

  • Wear discarded clothes or a painting smock when creating, as unwelcome stains are very difficult to remove.

How it is done:

  • Before painting, wash the shirt without fabric softener to remove the finish. Allow the shirt to dry and iron. If needed, prepare a template and print it out. Place a piece of cardboard and the template between the T-shirt. Then secure the shirt with clothes pegs to keep the template and fabric tight.
  • Cover the work area and put on a painting smock if needed. Prepare the paints and the working materials.
  • The pattern shines through under light-coloured textiles and can be easily repainted with a brush.
  • Colour the motif with the individual KiDS T-shirt shades. Then let the colours dry well.
  • Detach the shirt from the box and fix the colours. Iron the fabric from the front through a thin cloth at cotton temperature for 3 min (without steam) or fix in the oven for 8 min at 150 °C. Afterwards the shirt is washable up to 60 °C.

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