New Year’s Eve Table Decoration and New Year’s Greetings with Graphix Aqua Ink

Fireworks are simply part of New Year’s Eve. Let’s save ourselves the noise and create a firework of colours! Mr Letter created these pretty cards using Marabu Graphix Aqua Inks and Fineliners. Equipped with a sparkler, they are perfect as table decorations for New Year’s Eve or can even be given away as a small New Year’s greeting or sent by post.

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How it is done:

  • For one card, cut a 6 cm wide strip from the Aqua Pad with a ruler and cutter.
  • Make two small cuts of about 2 cm at the top and bottom where the sparkler can be inserted later.

  • Dab the entire surface of the card thinly with fresh water and a brush. Be careful not to spread too much water on the surface so that the paper does not curl.
  • Then mix the colours of your choice on an old plate or mixing palette and dab the damp paper with the paint to create a gradient.
  • When the paint has dried well, the patterns and illustrations can be painted on top in the same shade with the smaller brush.
  • Finally, write short New Year's wishes on the card with the fineliner and insert the sparklers into the pre-cut tabs.

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