Upcycling metal bowls with Marabu GREEN alkyd paint

Now that’s a career change: from kitchen gadget to eye-catcher. Simple metal bowls can be transformed into decorative bowls for many occasions in no time at all. And the GREEN colours add that certain flair.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Marabu GREEN is an alkyd paint for decorative purposes, i.e. no food contact. Do not paint surfaces that come into contact with food.
  • After drying, Marabu GREEN is smudge-proof, not dishwasher safe.

How it is done:

  • To ensure that the paints adhere well to the smooth metal surface, the bowls and plates are first cleaned thoroughly. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease so that the paint adheres optimally.
  • Then design the individual elements with the GREEN colours. Several coats of paint are necessary to achieve an opaque result. For metal substrates, it is important to apply only a thin layer of paint each time and let it dry sufficiently before applying the next layer of paint.
  • After drying, bowls and plates can be glued together with hot glue or assembly glue.

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