Sanding technique with Marabu Chalky-Chic

They used to be filled with perfume, flowers or spirits, but now the glass has become dull and flat – ready for the recycling bin. But with an eye for detail, the possibilities for a second life as a vintage object are revealed. Glass bottles or vases can get a completely new look with Marabu Chalky Chic. Sanding off the top colour layer gives the textured glass a unique charisma.

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Glas object with structures
Sand paper


  • A vintage bottle filled with flowers or homemade syrup makes a great hostess gift.

How it is done:

  • Prepare the glass surface – for an ideal result it should be free from grease and dust. Apply the desired shade, e.g. Mistletoe, Powder Pink or Edelweiss, with a brush. Leave to dry.
  • Now you can sand the desired edges with sand paper until the glass shows through again. Keep sanding until the desired used effect has been achieved.

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