WATERCOLOR XMAS Delicate watercolour Christmas cards

These home-made festive watercolour cards are all the rage. Be sure to get perfect colour transitions with this great trick: simply use some window film to evenly spread the liquid Aqua Ink Graphix over the paper. Take your time to create some stylish hand lettering once the paint has dried with white Deco Painter.

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  • Even after it has dried, the AQUA INK GRAPHIX watercolour ink will still dissolve completely in water.

How it is done:

  • Transfer the outline of the postcard onto the watercolour paper using a pencil and cut several postcard-size pieces out of the window film. Then apply 1–2 different water-soluble watercolour inks onto the film using a brush. Be sure to give the inks a good shake first.
  • Cover your card, which you have drawn on the watercolour paper, with water using a clean brush. Then place the window film containing the paint onto the watercolour paper and run your hand over the top of the film to spread the paint over the paper as desired.
  • If you’re happy with the design, remove the film and leave the paint to dry thoroughly. Once this is done, you can draw your festive greeting on the card using a pencil and then go over it using an acrylic painting pen. Shake the marker well before use, pump it carefully and test it on a piece of paper first.

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