EASY WATERCOLOUR – Summery greeting cards

The nicest summer greetings are really easy to create. Whether it is a yummy ice lolly or sour lemons – both motifs are fun and are very easy to copy with Marabu Graphix Aqua Ink.

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How it is done:

  • Cut the watercolour paper to postcard size. Lightly sketch out the motifs with a hard pencil (the lines can then be easily painted over).
  • Use the water-soluble watercolour ink around the motifs. Place the desired colours into a mixing palette and paint the background with the wet-on-wet technique. Then turn your attention to the ice lolly or lemons. You can design the kiwi or melon with the different watercolour felt tips. Then use a wet brush to create transitions in the individual objects.
  • Once everything is dry, decorate the objects with small dots using the watercolour felt tips. Allow everything to dry thoroughly again. Now you can send your very own personal greetings!

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