Christmas wooden balls with Marabu YONO Marker

Christmas baubles not only embellish the Christmas tree. Simply use the YONO marker to turn these simple wooden baubles into discreet Christmas decorations.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

balls from solid wood
hand drill
small screw hooks
Tips and Tricks

  • For an even application of paint, pump regularly.

How it is done:

  • First, the wooden ball is drilled with the help of the hand drill. The diameter of the drill bit should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the screw hooks.
  • Then the screw hook is screwed into the wooden ball with the help of the pliers.
  • Before first use, shake the YONO markers with the cap closed for 60 seconds and gently press the tip onto some paper several times to activate the ink flow. When the tip is full of ink, write on the test paper.
  • Now the ball can be designed with the help of the YONO marker with a Christmas motif such as several snowflakes, a dot pattern or Christmas lettering.
  • Finally, attach a piece of cotton string to the hook as a suspension.

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