Christmas Origami star with Marabu Alcohol Ink

They are simply part of the Christmas decoration: stars. The little stars become very individual with self-designed paper and alcohol ink. With a little flair, you can create perfect little decorations and gifts.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

needle and thread
metal ring
thin golden wire
cotten rope


  • If the Alcohol Ink Metallic Gold bottle has already been used and opened, it is best to place your finger (with a glove) on the open tip of the bottle and shake vigorously. After that, the pigments are well distributed and you can start!

How it is done:

  • First cover the work surface and clothing. We recommend wearing disposable gloves and a protective mask and opening a window.
  • Shake the Marabu Alcohol Ink Metallic shades well until the pigments are well distributed.
  • Now open the Alcohol Ink bottles. To do this, pull the cap upwards and pierce the top of the bottle with a pin.
  • Design the synthetic paper with Marabu Alcohol Ink. To do this, drip the Alcohol Ink colour onto the synthetic paper. Then drip Alcohol Ink Extender over it. The ink will liquefy and the flow will be increased. Tilt the paper in different directions to let the ink flow. If necessary, drip on more Alcohol Ink Extender or Alcohol Ink colour. Then allow the ink to dry thoroughly.
  • After drying, cut the paper into squares. Then fold the square paper once in the middle so that the coloured side faces inwards.
  • Now fold up the corner of the closed edge to the open edge and unfold again.
  • Repeat with the open edge.
  • Next, bring the corner of the closed edge to the centre of the two creases from the previous steps.
  • Then fold the corner back from the centre point again.
  • Now fold up the left side so that it is flush.
  • Turn the paper over and fold it upwards along the line as shown in the picture.
  • Now cut off the upper part of the paper as shown in the picture.
  • In the next step, unfold the paper again.
  • The long side of the 5-corner is now folded so that the two corner points lie exactly on the fold lines, then it is unfolded again. This step is now repeated for each side.
  • Now fold the left side of the 5-corner at the fold line from the last step, then fold the bottom side upwards, folding the common corner of the sides outwards. Then unfold again and repeat this step for all sides.
  • Next, bring all the corners upwards, preferably using both hands. Then fold the individual corners clockwise with feeling so that a star is formed.
  • Now turn the paper over and fold the individual prongs of the star in half. For the last part, the first fold must be opened slightly.
  • For the wreath, individual branches of eucalyptus are attached to a metal ring with the help of thin wire and the star is then hung in the centre with a thin thread.
  • Alternatively, the star can also be stuck onto a Christmas card with glue.

Marabu Alcohol Ink technique COLOUR SPLASH

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