Design your own cloud rucksack with Marabu Textil Print

This little rucksack floats above the clouds. Your little ones will absolutely love this bag thanks to the colourful linoleum print designs and Marabu Textil Print!

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…additionaly things you need

rucksack made from natural-coloured cotton (max. 20% synthetic fibres)
cardboard to protect the reverse side
cardboard to protect the reverse side

How it is done:

  • Before painting, wash the rucksack without using any fabric softener in order to remove any residues of finish. Leave to dry and iron.
  • Transfer the cloud design onto the soft rubber sheet. Either draw the design on directly using a soft pencil or trace the design onto a piece of transfer paper first and then transfer it onto the linoleum.
  • Use the linoleum cutting tool to cut the sheet so that the surface of the cloud is raised.
  • Place a piece of cardboard inside the rucksack to prevent the paint from soaking through to the other side. Apply some Textile Print paint to the foam roller and roll this onto the design on the soft rubber sheet.
  • Position the sheet in the desired place and press it onto the fabric carefully. Remove the sheet, apply more paint to the sheet again and print the random cloud design.
  • In order to create a particularly colourful result, you could make the clouds different colours. You can mix the Textile Print paints together. It is best to use plastic containers and a wooden spatula or similar tool to ensure that the paints are mixed well.
  • Once the paint has dried (after about 60 minutes), you can iron the clouds to set the paint. You can achieve the best results by ironing the front, placing the item under a thin cotton cloth to do so: 3 minutes for each 30 x 30 cm area on a cotton temperature setting without steam. After this, the little rucksack will be shower proof so you can even use it on rainy days and wash it in the machine at up to 40 °C.

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