Animal-themed wooden dice

Take your photos into the wild! Marabu Photo Transfer makes it easy to transfer your favourite pictures onto a range of objects. One die can fit six photos. If you are using two dice, you can divide your design so that the complete picture is shown by combining both dice. Have fun with your own photo puzzle!

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Untreated wooden dice approx. 9 cm in length
Laser printer


  • Only apply the medium to the printed side of the photo – not on the reverse side that hasn’t been printed. If you do this, the paper becomes sealed and it will be impossible to rub it off.

How it is done:

  • Take a piece of sandpaper and round off the edges and corners of the wooden dice so that there is no risk of cuts. You will need to print the photos off using a laser printer. For the first design, take the dimensions of one side of the die and create a suitable landscape image that would cover two sides of the die. Bear in mind that when you apply the image to the die, it will appear back-to-front. Print the photo and cut it in half. Then apply the photo transfer medium on two sides of the die and on the printed side of each half of the photo using the collage brush.
  • Place the photo (printed side down) onto the die and smooth it down using the squeegee. This will ensure all six sides of the two dice are covered with different sections of the image.
  • Once the paper is dry (which takes approx. 2 hours), take a moist sponge, soften the paper and carefully rub it off. Finally, coat the wood with matt varnish to protect the photo print.

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