Wooden disc pendant for Christmas with Marabu YONO Marker and Decormatt Acryl

Tree slices are wonderful colour carriers for natural-looking Christmas decorations. Designed with muted shades of our Marabu Decormatt and YONO markers, they quickly become rustic pendants for any occasion.

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How it is done:

  • If necessary, clean and dry the wooden discs before designing. They should be clean and dry so that the paint can adhere best. Cover the work area and prepare the materials. Make a small hole in the branch discs using a hand drill. Thoroughly remove the drill dust.
  • Then prime the branch discs with Decormatt to cover them. Allow to dry well.
  • Once the paint is dry, activate the YONO markers. Shake the YONO markers with the cap closed for 60 seconds before using them for the first time. The mixing ball must be audible. Then slowly press the tip in several times on a piece of test paper until the ink becomes visible. When the ink flow is activated, the tip slowly fills up. When the tip is full of ink, write the marker on the test paper.
  • Now design the branch discs with the YONO markers. For example, with Christmas lettering or the initials of the recipient.
  • Finally, the pendants are fitted with strings.

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