Xmas display with Marabu Window Color

This luminous display can be used to beautifully set the scene for Christmas decorations. The glass pane of the display can be individually decorated with Window Color motifs. A special decoration idea for the Advent and Christmas season.

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Tips and Tricks

  • If the pane is made of acrylic instead of glass, it is best to paint the Window Color motif on an adhesive film. After drying, cut out the motif including the film and stick it onto the acrylic pane. This way, the Window Color motif can be perfectly removed from the acrylic pane.

How it is done:

  • First clean the glass pane. It should be clean and dry. Unfold the template from the Window Color set and place the pane over the desired motif. Then trace the outlines with Window Color Contour Black. Make sure that the contour lines are closed, otherwise the pictures can easily tear later when you peel them off the pane. Allow the contours to dry for one hour.
  • After drying, the remaining areas can be coloured as desired with the Window Color paints. Colour in the areas up to the contour line. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.
  • While the colours are drying, the base can be prepared. First mark the centre of the tree disc with a pencil. Then use the handsaw to saw a recess that is wide and deep enough for the disc to be inserted.
  • Once the Window Color motif has dried, a fine string of LED lights is attached to the outer edge of the pane with a little hot glue.
  • Finally, simply insert the disc into the base and decorate the tree disc with Christmas elements as desired.

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