Yoga shirt printed with Marabu Textil screenprinting

Namasté! Escape the daily grind with the perfect yoga shirt. Print it yourself with your favourite mantra, traditional greeting or yoga asana and it’s as individual as your yoga class.

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Marabu products you need...

…additionaly things you need

T-shirt made of cotton (max. 20% synthetic fibre content)
scalpel or cutter knife
cutting mat
Tips and Tricks

  • Cleaning the screen printing frame works best directly after the printing process, as long as the textile print ink has not yet dried. Clean the screen mesh from both sides with clean water and, if necessary, a mild cleaning agent using a nail or tooth brush. It is best if the frame is then carefully dabbed dry with a lint-free cloth so that the wood does not warp due to the moisture.

How it is done:

  • Wash, dry and iron the T-shirt before designing. It should be free of finishes and fabric softener. Prepare working materials and cover the work surface.
  • Prepare the template or print it out in the desired size. Cut out the inside of the lettering using a scalpel or cutter knife. Be sure to place a cutting mat underneath.
  • The stencil is then stuck onto the flat side of the screen printing frame so that the lettering appears mirror-inverted.
  • Mix the desired shade in a separate container. For the bright orange, primary yellow was tinted with primary magenta.
  • Next, place some cardboard between the layers of fabric on the T-shirt to prevent the ink from pushing through. Then place the screen printing frame on the T-shirt so that the flat side is on the textile. The frame can also be fixed with some masking tape to prevent it from slipping. With the help of the painting knife, a strip of paint approx. 1 cm wide is now applied to the upper edge of the screen.
  • Now, using the squeegee, draw the ink over the motif from top to bottom without applying pressure until all surfaces are covered with ink. Then pull the squeegee over the motif from top to bottom with even pressure to transfer the colour to the fabric.
  • Then remove the screen from the shirt, remove the paper stencil and clean the frame and squeegee. Allow the T-shirt to dry.
  • Once the colour is completely dry, it is fixed. Iron the T-shirt for 3 minutes without steam. Make sure to place a piece of fabric between the T-shirt and the iron. Alternatively, the colour can also be fixed in the oven (8 minutes at 150°). Afterwards, the colour is washable up to 40°.

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