Marabu Fineliner Colour Graphix 24pc assortment HYPNOTIZE




Sometimes you dream in colour. Then you need colour to put your ideas down on paper. You can use the tip to add highlights or to give an illustration crisp outlines, creating clear borders to the surrounding area. Emphasise what is important to you. Go into detail. With the colourful Marabu Graphix Fineliner Colour you have a consistent range for coloured sketches and elaborate illustrations.

Contents: 24 x Fineliner Graphix 0,5 mm (Yellow, Orange, Sand, Ruby red, Cherry red, Rose pink, Pink, Raspberry, Rosé Beige, Lilac, Plum, Dark ultramarine, Azure blue, Light blue, Aqua green, Turquoise, Antique green, Dark green, Mint, Yellow green, Dark brown, Light grey, Grey, Black)

  • Brilliant colours thanks to high-quality, low-odour water-based ink
  • No bleeding
  • Stroke width: 0.5 mm
  • Metal-enclosed plastic tip and cap with clip
  • Ideal for illustrations, sketches, final artwork and much more

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