Marabu KiDS Brush-Set Basic



Marabu KiDS craft accessories are perfectly adapted to the requirements of children. Marabu KiDS provides young craft enthusiasts with everything they need for their hobby. Guaranteed success for any work of art.

Starter brush: The Starter Brush is perfect for small children having their first go at painting. The ergonomic shape of the handle allows easy guiding of the brush and is adapted to a child‘s hand. Versatile use, whether at home or at nursery school.

Brush set Basic: The multi-purpose paint brush set Basic is ideal for various painting techniques and virtually any paint, e. g. water colours, craft paint, acrylic paint and textile paint. The ideal set for school and hobby.

Craft scissors: High-quality craft scissors made of stainless steel with printed blades. The rounded tips provide maximum safety. The soft grip handles ensure the safe use of the scissors and are ideal for children‘s hands. For cutting paper, cardboard, film, fabric, etc. Size: 13 cm.


Available in these variations

  • 5 years and up
  • Ideal for school and home
  • For different painting techniques
  • 2 hogs hair brushes, flat, size 8 and 12, 2 synthetic hair brushes, round, size 4 and 8
  • Brush handles made of FSC certified wood.

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