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06. JULY 2017 / PRODUCT

Marabu a-system – for high-end designs

The premium new generation spray

We will present a-system, the premium next generation spray, as a fair highlight at Creativeworld 2017. It is based on innovative technological developments: the new Aqua formula and a specially developed bring unique results. Minimal odour, short drying times and very easy processing on almost all surfaces. The high solid content that is up to 100% higher than in conventional sprays ensures excellent coverage and maximum yield.

Anyone who represents high-end presents their work with a high-end product. Anyone who loves technologies uses the best technology to implement their products. Anyone who loves clean work uses clean materials. Perfect for the visualisation of ideas and projects in the areas of architecture, model making, fine arts, graffiti and street art, but also for DIY, building or doing handicrafts with a pledge for uncompromising quality.

a-system impresses in its use and guarantees an optimum result. It has very special properties. It is easy to use and suitable for almost all surfaces. The paint particles produce a very fine mist when spraying. The applied paint impresses with an excellent colour transition and an extremely smooth paint application. The extremely fast drying enables rapid overpainting. First-class pigments ensure high colour brilliance, very good light fastness and excellent coverage. The paint has an excellent filling capacity and good stability, does not form cracks and can be used indoors and outdoors. If the layer of paint is too thick with conventional paints, this can lead to the paint running. a-system is different: it retains its structure even with thicker layers of paint, preventing the paint from running.

36 colours with high-quality pigments in the 400 ml can ensure excellent coverage – with significantly lower paint application than with conventional sprays. The solid content that is responsible for the excellent yield is up to 100% higher than in conventional sprays.

Thanks to the environmentally friendly Aqua technology, minimal odour is produced and the paint can also be used in well-ventilated indoor areas. a-system paint has a particularly low content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Appreciation for your workpiece: a-system is the solution for anyone looking for a high-performance product that meets the highest standards. The convincing product quality and properties of a-system are safely transported in the packaging and POS Display.


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