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Be ready to paint at any time with Marabu Acryl

Range expanded to include innovative sets and assortments

Marabu Acryl offers an extensive range of high-quality products for creative beginners and hobby artists in practical containers and as attractive sets. Now, the eye-catching beginner sets and demand-oriented paint strips make painting more fun than ever and the world of Marabu acrylic paints even brighter.

Marabu Acryl offers self-explanatory products, the joys of creative design and Marabu quality with fantastic value for money. The water-based acrylic paints are matt-glossy, opaque, light-fast and can be mixed together. They are also water resistant once dry and suitable for use on canvases, painting cardboard, paper, wood and many other materials. The new Marabu Acryl Glow in the Dark afterglow paint glows in the dark after and under UV light.

The basic Marabu Acryl set with 18 colours in 36 ml tubes has been revised and now comes in attractive new packaging. The set of 18 x 36 ml effect colours is completely new. With five neon, three metallic, one glitter and nine basic colours, extraordinary and multifaceted works of art are guaranteed.

Be ready to paint at any time! An ingenious new addition to the Marabu Acryl range are the assortments with extra small container sizes, the paint strips. These are perfect as an introduction to Marabu Acryl or for mini projects. Small amounts of paint are packaged in resealable 3.5 ml bottles, making them ideal for painting stones, wooden panels, small pots or colouring pictures, for example. A genuinely portable product. The practical paint containers can be compactly packed into any bag and quickly stored with an airtight seal. The little pots with lids are displayed in a row to create a clear colour palette, with various different colours and quantities available depending on requirements:

The right dose of colour for every little project! The little basic version with 6 x 3.5 ml products enables bright designs with even just the basic colours – all other colours can be independently mixed on the basis of colour theory. The basic version with 12 x 3.5 ml products offers twice the range of colours. The large basic version contains 80 x 3.5 ml pots with a total of 34 colours and therefore the most comprehensive range of shades for the most colourful projects. The neon version contains 6 x 3.5 ml neon paints (incl. white as a primer), perfect for bright, modern designs. The metallic set with 6 x 3.5 ml paints is ideal for creating both shimmering Christmas gifts and modern Easter decorations. There is also a set of 34 paints in 32 colours plus black and white, all in practical 59 ml bottles.

All assortments, sets and paint strips offer impressively self-explanatory products and are ideal for small and beginner projects. The modern packaging, wide range of colours and entry-level prices encourage impulse buys and make these the perfect on-the-go products for creative beginners and hobby artists. Discover the world of Marabu Acryl!


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