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Simply brilliant! Marabu Alcohol Ink

The new alcohol ink hits the world market

Marabu Alcohol Inks are dye-based alcohol inks for fluid art, the hot trend from the USA. Marabu has been successfully offering the vibrant inks on the American market since 2019 and is now using Creativeworld 2020 to launch them in Europe and worldwide in line with the spreading trend.

The wait is over! Marabu Alcohol Inks are finally available worldwide. Fans of the inks have been eagerly awaiting this moment and can now finally get their hands on the new Marabu Alcohol Inks. Permanent in nature, these have been specially developed for a wide range of particularly radiant pouring techniques and creative designs. From a few simple drops through delicate, flowing colour gradients to pictures of objects, the vibrant, brilliant Marabu Alcohol Inks offer endless design freedom and extraordinary results. With no prior experience required, they are suitable for artists of all abilities, from beginners to pros. Fluid art paintings almost create themselves thanks to the flowing inks. The properties of these are truly fascinating and differ greatly from other types of paint, such as acrylics or watercolours. The liquid consistency leads to fantastic colour gradients. By adding alcohol, the paint can even be made to run again or be redesigned at any time even after it has dried. If a second colour is added next to or on top of the previous one, it will displace the first one. Thanks to the use of the highest quality dyes, the inks are incredibly vibrant. Their key features include not only unprecedented luminosity but also the ability to actively spread across the background as well as the lively, often surprising way that the inks react with each other. Even without any special techniques or experience, the initial results achieved with the Alcohol Inks can still be extremely successful thanks to their vibrant colours and intrinsic, flowing forms. All that is required is waterproof, coated paper or another smooth, non-absorbent background, such as glass, metal, ceramic or porcelain.

A total of 18 different colours, including three metallic ones and the special colour diamond, offer impressively high brilliance and fascinating flow properties. With the exception of the metallic colours and the special colour diamond, all colours are dye based and transparent. Diamond Alcohol Ink adds a very special, sparkling shimmer to all Alcohol Ink colours.

The instructions provided in the new brochure make it quick and easy to learn multiple techniques such as wispy layers, colour splash, masking, wipe stencilling or drops. The new alcohol-based Marabu Permanent Markers optimally complement the Alcohol Inks and can be used to additionally decorate backgrounds created using Alcohol Inks once dry, for example with text, drawings or additional details. Furthermore, Marabu Fixogum can be optimally used in combination with the Alcohol Inks as a masking agent.

The Alcohol Ink colours are complemented by the Alcohol Ink Extender, which is used to mix, lighten and lift them. It also slows the drying process. The Extender is indispensable for many techniques, for example for creating transparency when using the “wispy layers” technique. Squeezing droplets of Extender into another colour creates a clear circle.

The colours are quick drying, acid free and suitable for mixing. Once dry, they are smudge proof and water resistant but can still be lifted again with Alcohol Ink or Alcohol Ink Extender.

In addition to the individual shades in little bottles with a precision tip, the Alcohol Inks are also available in two sets of three harmoniously matched colours, each with a Permanent Marker and five sheets of special paper. The black, alcohol-based Permanent Marker can be used to add embellishments, lettering or drawings to the dried Alcohol Ink background. The non-absorbent paper is ideal for use with Marabu Alcohol Ink and enables optimum ink flow. The enclosed brochure explains how to use Alcohol Ink and provides plenty of great ideas, tips and tricks. Both sets therefore contain everything you need to optimally create flowing designs, unpredictable colour gradients and exciting techniques.

The Underwater set offers two fabulous standard colours plus the special effect colour “diamond” for dazzling blue designs. The extraordinary diamond Alcohol Ink conjures up a very special effect with sparkling shimmer. The set comprises 3 x 20 ml Alcohol Ink in Amethyst 081, Gentian 057 and Diamond 511, 1 x Permanent Marker, black with a twin tip (1 mm/0.5 mm), 5 x sheets of A6 special paper and a brochure.

The Flowers set contains three radiant basic colours that can be used to create the brightest of colour combinations. The set comprises 3 x 20 ml Alcohol Ink in Magenta 014, Lemon 020 and Caribbean 091, 1 x Permanent Marker, black with a twin tip (1 mm/0.5 mm), 5 x sheets of A6 special paper and a brochure.

The detailed, 8-page A5 brochure is extremely useful for beginners. Instructions and videos inspire them to discover the fascinating world of Alcohol Inks and try new techniques. Immerse yourself in the new range of Marabu Alcohol Inks on our Marabu Creative Colours website:


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