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Artist Acryl – professional quality from Marabu

The new artist's acrylic paint that makes no compromises!

Marabu Artist Acryl is the new size in artist’s paints. The new generation of fine, high-quality artist’s acrylic paints impresses with its professional quality that makes no compromises! Two pack sizes and several assortments are pumped full of the best Marabu paint quality. The 60 highly pigmented shades are accompanied by a compact range of primers, gels and pastes as well as thickeners, thinners, matt and gloss media, drying retarders and protective varnish as well as high-quality canvas frames. For applications of the highest level.

Enthusiasm and fascination. Personality is what makes a work of art unique. It also requires talent, skill and special products. Marabu has developed an extraordinary colour concept. Four outstanding properties describe the new Marabu Artist Acryl product range: POWER, BRILLANCE, VARIETY and TEXTURE.

That’s POWER – The special properties of Artist Acryl enable the best possible professional painting processes. The high pigmentation ensures best possible colour quality and intensity with impressive expressiveness and brilliance. The pasty consistency allows a great variety of applications. The high level of versatility ranges from direct application with an artist’s knife or brush, watercolours and glazing with diluted acrylic paint to optimum combinations with pastes, gels and media. An evenly matt and elastic surface additionally provides good conditions for unique works of art.

Experience BRILLANCE – Always and everywhere: Artist Acryl is a convincing product thanks to its innate brilliance and luminosity. Properties that are created by the high pigment content and its composition and ensure the effective impact of the masterpieces. With gold, silver and copper, Artist Acryl offers three fascinating metallic shades which leave a lasting impression through their spherical glow.

Discover VARIETY – The world is not black and white, it is expressed in colours. Marabu Artist Acryl offers an impressive range of colours to provide the right shade for each impression. 60 inspiring colours are available in handy 75 ml tubes. 18 colours are also sold in convenient 22 ml tubes. This allows any desired individual colour nuance to be mixed with Artist Acryl. In addition, there are six different assortments that make colour selection easier. Always the right colours, at the right time, in the right place.

We call this TEXTURE – Without ifs or buts: Artist Acryl provides the best possible support so artists can achieve perfect results. Marabu has consequently developed a suitable, perfectly adapted product range. Pastes and gels reveal an endless variety of structures and modelling – from very rough to fine or light. Different media provide the right viscosity, the individually desired surface sheen or the ideal drying time. And one more thing: Marabu offers the ideal products for suitable preparation of surfaces or for protecting the masterpieces. A system that provides the right support for special effects and individual painting styles.

Artist Acryl features highly vivid colours with convincingly high brilliance. The pasty, strong consistency ensures a high application variability for different acrylic painting techniques. It offers a very high pigment content and therefore exceptionally high colour quality and intensity. The low-odour, water-based acrylic paint dries to a water-resistant film. Brushes and tools can easily be cleaned with water. The highly light fastness promises long-term colour intensity without fading.

Surfaces have to be prepared. The Gesso Primer in white is a fine, highly opaque, lightly absorbent acrylic primer. It creates a fine surface for smooth application and good adhesion of paints and media.

Textures create depth. The colourless Structure Gel in a gloss or matt finish is ideal for fine, raised structures. The white Acryl Structure Paste is available in light, fine grain and coarse grain qualities. It can be used along with the creamy, white Modelling Paste to create raised or soft structures.

Dare to be individual. Artist Acryl, mixed with Marabu media, achieves different effects to suit unique painting styles. A thickener and thinner give acrylic paints the desired consistency; the Drying Retarder extends the time that you can work with the wet paint. The Matt and Gloss Media individually customise the surface effect of the paint.

Masterpieces need protection. Use the thin Protective Wax as a finish. The final varnish increases the protection against weather influences and UV radiation and facilitates cleaning. In addition, Marabu supplies the best accessories. From professional canvas frames and painting cardboard to paint rollers, brushes and artist’s knives.

Online services: Marabu also presents Artist Acryl digitally. Customers and fans can find information about the extensive range of artist’s paint. Every product is presented with its properties and special effects. One video introduces Artist Acryl as a new artist’s paint and a second one shows the process of creating a work of art with the paints from the new product range. Discover Marabu Artist Acryl here:


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